Flying Fluffy Lollipops

Flying Fluffy Lollipops

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These are all dyed-to-order on a one-week turnaround!

Affectionately nick-named Flying Fluffy Lollipops the Long-tailed Tit is one of our favourite birds! The colours on them are perfection! 

Dusky and delicate pink, ivory and greys.

This colourway would be particularly dreamy on our Featherdown or Clouds base ☺️👌🏻 

All the bases details are available on our bases page- except for our Bohemia Base which is a super chunky weight 100% Corriedale non-super wash  thick-and-thin yarn with a wonderful hand spun look!! It makes for incredible, bohemian looking projects and we suggest a size 10mm needle ! 


Any questions drop us an email or an instagram message, Ami & Jen x x