Yarn Bases


80% Superwash Merino 20% Nylon 

Fingering weight

High Twist 2 ply

375m per 100g skein 

Soft enough for babies and durable enough for socks this yarn can be used beautifully for any fingering weight project. The nylon content and the high twist mean it will stand up to intense wear without pilling, even on your feet. 



75% Superwash Merino 20 % nylon 5 % Fairy sparkle


400m per 100g skein

All the qualities of PERFECT SOCK but with a little added magic. The stellina content is 5% so the sparkle is subtle and graceful adding just a touch of twinkle. 



70% Superwash Merino 30% Silk 

Single ply 

400m per 100g 

This yarn combines the qualities of silk and single-ply yarn to perfection. To me single- ply has a delicately rustic appearance that calls to mind hand spun yarn. Combined with the sheen that the silk content gives, you are met with a yarn that is both sophisticated and slightly bohemian. 

This yarn is best saved for projects such as shawls and sweater as it will not stand up to vigorous wear on items such as socks and gloves. 


72% Kid Mohair 28% silk 

Lace weight

840m per 50g skein 

Light as a cloud, soft as a feather. This magical mohair silk blend is perfect knit alone, held double or added in with other yarns. It has a substantial halo and with create ethereal dreamy looking garments that weigh very little but are incredibly warm!